The best possible marketing for us remains our clients' results. Inside and outside the gym, what we care about the most is our clients and their individual goals. Your fitness journey is our journey and we give it our best to help you get where you want to be.

BODY FAT -12% 
FAT LOSS 15 kgs
HIPS -18 cm*

Hi all, my name is Jason Benavides, a young man that cares about his own health and wellbeing not only for the picture but also in general to improve myself in every aspect. To The Limit is a project of my friend Chris who asked me to join for 12 weeks and I didn’t think twice about it, I just jumped in. The combination of nutrition and training hit hard on the areas I really needed to improve and I also started to see changes in the way I was feeling (no more running down the hill like a ball after eating and still eating plenty.).

We all want instant results but when it comes to health, there are changes that can only be made gradually; I have learnt that to achieve durable results with a healthy decrease of body fat levels and in general to get closer to my personal goal, you need a combination of solid dedication and discipline. If I do a recap at my first day I was 100 kg at 100 cm on my hips ratio, today I am 88 Kg at 82 cm on my hips ratio, from 25% body fat to 12% in 12 weeks which it means 15 kg of body fat lost in this period, at this point of my life I feel at my best talking about health and my fitness. *


— Jason, Muttenz, Switzerland

Personal Training

“Chris was recommended to me by one of my friends who was training with him. I was impressed by my friend’s results and decided to give it a try. Chris devised an 8-week satellite program for me, during which he covered my nutritional plans and also gave me training tips as I was doing Crossfit at that time. “Hard work pays of as he always says!!”. In those 8 weeks, his program took me to my personal best and my leanest ever, from 20% body fat to 12% body fat and also increased my lean mass by 2kg!! I believe the success of his program comes from the approach he uses; each program is specifically tailored and focuses on the client’s individual “weaknesses”.
Following all his advice made a huge difference in my style of life, changes that I could feel from my higher energy levels throughout the day to how hard I could push myself in the weights room. I am currently still following his online program, as I am to reach new personal goals. So if you have a personal goal to achieve and you are 100% committed to it, Chris is the man to contact!” *

— Isaac Marin, Costa Rica

Online Training

LEAN MASS +2kgs*
HIPS -8cm*

"I was very lucky to do a 12-week satellite (online) program with Chris, it truly changed my body! During the first assessment he knew right away what was the “red flag” keeping me away from losing a few extra kilos and getting on the right track towards my fitness goals. Chris designed a detailed training program for me to learn and do at my gym. Program would change every 4-6 weeks and Chris kept a close eye on my progress, helped with advice whenever I had any doubts or questions and gave me a lot of support to stay motivated and strong. In 3 months I lost a total of 6 kilos of body fat (around 7% body fat) and gained 1 kilo of muscle. Hips would be my most problematic area and one of my main goals was to get leaner hips and legs. 

Training program and nutrition plan designed by Chris did change my whole body composition but the right combination of both also specifically targeted those “problem” areas. As a result my hips measurements went from 100 to 92 cm. Given that you follow all the recommendations and work hard you will be amazed by the results in just a few months time! I highly recommend training with Chris to anyone who is serious about their fitness goals." *


— Irina, Hong Kong

Online Training


As they say I am a man of few words but in this case they are all words of great appreciation. I worked with Chris under the “satellite” program for 2 months now, training at least 4 times a week and strictly following all nutritional guidelines. Work is still in progress but so far I have lost around 12KG of fat and easily fit into jeans from 10 years ago. No starvation, no silly dieting, I eat more than ever and feel better than I have felt in years. Chris is a great professional that just gives you a feeling of trust - you know right away that you are in good hands, and that if you put your part in and work hard it will definitely pay off. *

Vitaly, Hong Kong

Online Training

FAT LOSS -12kgs*




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*DISCLAIMER: The results and testimonials shown in our website were the results of following a dedicated exercise and nutritional plan designed by To The Limit Personal Training.

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