July 28, 2016

​After two days of bombs of information by John Meadows, Eric Serrano and Eoin Lacey, I kept thinking of all the areas that I have to improve and how grateful I am for the opportunity of learning from these great coaches and doctors, from their experience and research.

Below I have outlined of things that touched me the most.


Eric Serrano mentioned this many times and I kept thinking about it. Most of trainers first step they do when they have a new client is an elimination process and focus their attention on Proteins, leaving everything else hanging there for long periods. His examples of how to manipulate body composition by playing around with carbohydrates and keeping diets for short periods of time depending on feedback and progress were great. Also, he didn’t only mention carbohydrates, but also fats and yes lowering protein intake from time to time, this is something that I am definitely going to try.


I have spent around 6 months now doing something similar to his ideas and honestly I can't really put in words how much my training quality, recovery, pump and results have changed. It is something that I really recommend for someone who is training hard and wants to change his body composition. Recovery it is extremely important and diet plays a huge role in this. What you eat pre-, intra- and post-training can make a massive difference. John believes we should play with around 60% of our total amount of carbohydrates we eat close to our training session. The pre-training, intra-training and post-training numbers will change depending on the goal and gender of the person but my advice is to try placing your carbohydrates intake around that time of day and feel the difference!

What could I take out of my life, diet or training that could improve my life and what could I add in my life, diet or training that could make a difference?

Have you even thought in that way?
The first time I heard this from Eoin Lacey was back in 2013 in Hong Kong when he did a seminar for the staff at the gym I was working for at that time. Something that honestly I think is extremely important to find out, what we could work on and be honest with ourselves when it comes to our health. We all want to have a great body don't we? But most of the times to not say always we are lazy and impatient towards reaching the desired result, and society simply shows it is true!

Money rules; I talk about miss use of drugs, steroids, surgeries, and even worse extreme diets that takes the body to extremes where you get crushed, end up feeling tired all the time, weak, without energy and in most cases one ends up at their starting point or even worse develops an irreversible health issue. Weight loss at any cost is something you will never see at To The Limit and Eoin's points where great that we tend to forget to care about our health. His statement is simple and has become one of the pillars of our beliefs at our gym; Before anything else, we have to assess the things we are doing wrong, work to correct these and start feeling healthy, with more energy, making sure we eat foods that bring the nutrients the body needs to function properly. Learn how to use contro and inflammation to one's benefit instead of doing more harm and also use smart strategies for diet and style of life and see how the body composition reacts while it returns to a normal and healthy state!

These were 2 days of information overload and great company; one should always look for that trainer who is hungry for information and applies the knowledge to himself, the trainer who doesn’t show attitude or ego, who is open to talk and listens to suggestions, that trainer that stays in constant communication and always keeps a track of every single detail involved in your training. During these two days, I was amazed how easy it was to talk to these guys and, not only that, but also the energy and willingness to do things they shared was great. This kept me thinking that the Fitness Industry needs more people like Erick Serrano, Eoin Lacey and John Meadows! These 2 days get a 10 of out 10 for me, and I am sure that everyone that attended will agree with me!

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