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September 7, 2016

Nowadays, I am spending most of my holidays attending seminars, conferences or internships related to my field of work. Not because I am a workaholic, but mostly because I find education and training truly fulfills me. In other words, I kill two birds with one stone.

Andre Benoit’s Strength Training seminar is a must for every trainer interested in Strength training and Performance. Same goes for program designing and proper exercise execution. I have decided to invest and improve in my trainer’s education and techniques by bringing them to Andre Benoit’s seminar at Hong Kong's RAW Personal Training.

Surprisingly, this article is not about what we learned at Andre’s seminar, which was an amazing experience by itself. This article is about my experience at RAW and why we should use this company as a strong influence in the Fitness industry.





All trainers and interns at RAW Personal Training strive to be the very best in their industry. I believe this motivation is something the owner, Jeremy Meyer, transmits to his trainers very well. I’ve experienced this first hand when I first met Jeremy about 8 years ago.  As the owner of RAW Personal Training, Jeremy is the main pillar of the identity that this company holds, keeping their service at top quality and a high level of professionalism.





RAW Personal Training has a clear concept and it is quite simple, the client will always be number one priority. I have about 15 years working experience in this industry and I will be completely honest with you. 90% of the companies that I have seen almost worship how much money they can earn over anything else . This leads to carelessness and neglect towards their clients and their long term reputation. For example, selling Personal Training sessions too aggressively, or even worse, trying to sell as much supplements as possible to drive sales. By doing this, they end up losing touch with the real motivation behind our job as a Personal Traine r. RAW however is one of the exceptions. From the first day until the end, they will work for, and with the client in order to reach the goals of their clients.




Another weak spot we find in most companies is the stigma of a massive guy flexing at the gym while being moody most of the time. Carrying his cellphone and texting with who knows which girl, while his client is training by himself on a machine. Typical rep counter trainer who just watch the pretty girls at the gym and nothing else and what’s even worse, arriving late to his sessions most of the time.  This kind of ego is something that RAW Personal Training has completely eradicated from their gym, and the results awesome! It’s great seeing how a proper gym operates and cares for their clients attentively. It is a great experience to come to their gym and see how everyone is more than willing to help with a nice smile in their face and arriving coming on time.





This topic is my personal opinion based on my past experiences. Most of the general population think they know what they are doing when it comes to Fitness and health. But after doing improper exercises for 6 months they inevitably get stuck getting no where (most of the time), until they decide to go to a Commercial Gym where it gets worse as they have to share equipment at peak ours along all the headaches that brings to these kind of situations.  Most of the trainers at those commercial gyms are insanely overworked. Therefore, saying that their service isn’t good just isn’t fair. They can’t be everywhere and take care of all the customers in the same time. More time demanding tasks like program designing and creating a nutritional plan which is catered to each and every client, takes me around 60 minutes to 90 minutes to finish, and I have 15 years’ experience on my back. For a trainer at a commercial gym, they also have to keep the facility and equipment’s clean, while selling high amounts of sessions each month to reach their quota. Even though they spend most of the day at the gym all these tasks make it almost impossible for them to focus 100% on their clients alone.

At RAW this does not happen, Trainers there focus 100% on their clients, devising a program and its progressions needed to archive their goal. Understanding the importance of periodization together with training and programing, they also add a nutritional plan that goes hand in hand with the client’s goal. But how?  RAW is an exclusive gym without a membership fee, and the only way to train there is hiring a Personal Trainer. The gym has policies to prevent the facility from being overcrowded. Unlike many commercial gyms.





How many times have you visited a place or met someone you felt was missing something; like their identity wasn’t there . It doesn’t have to be a gym or a trainer’s fault; this is something every company should have. Marketing is something that goes together with the reputation of the company or their identity as a whole. You get to RAW and you can see their strong identity, I think all the aspects mentioned above makes RAW’s Identity very strong and unique that’s why they are well-known in Hong Kong.

I had a great time training in their facilities, and if your goal is to train hard and be the best you can be, I will recommend RAW Personal Training without a moments hesitation. I had such a refreshing experience there that it made me wish I could stay there longer. I would like to thank Jeremy Meyer and his team for taking care of me and my employers.




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